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A'yicha Denise is the Ceo and founder of CREDGlamGirlz. A'yicha is born and raised in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York.  She grew up in a very structured militant household with Jamaican parents. They embedded studying and straight A's in her on a daily basis, and there was no room for failure.

Throughout the years as she got older, she would mess around in her mothers and aunts makeup bags before they went to work. As she became a teenager she would wear their makeup to school and practice on friends and family. 

After graduating from high school, A'yicha went to pursue her dreams and career, and went to Virginia State University. She constantly came home and was always unhappy because something was lacking from her life.

With a few ups and downs one thing she did get right was welcoming her baby boy in 2007. That made A'yicha get her life in order and her priorities in check.  With the internet changing and social media becoming more apart of our daily lives, she started to watch Youtube videos. and Facebook live every day and every night to learn how to apply makeup.

When A'yicha got married on September, 2021, she felt like a queen on her special day. That is the feeling she wants to make every woman feel on any occasion.  She wants them to feel spectacular, beautiful, at ease, and give them that CRED experience.

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